Medical Surgeon specialized in Neurology and Neurorehabilitator, creator of the Multidisciplinary Intensive Cognitive-Motor Rehabilitation Protocol (MIRT) for Parkinsonian patients, Head of MIRTparkproject®

Graduated in medicine in 1988 and specialized in Neurology in 1992 at the University of Pavia, he has gained clinical experience at various hospital and health facilities in the national territory dealing with the treatment of vascular, neuro-degenerative and demyelinating neurological pathologies, also perfecting his knowledge of neurophysiological techniques.

From 2013 to 2019, he was the Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation Division, Severe Brain Injury Rehabilitation Division and Stroke Unit at Moriggia-Pelascini Hospital (Gravedona ed Uniti – CO) where he further developed expertise in neurorehabilitation.

A speaker at numerous national and international congresses, Principal Investigator of numerous research projects inherent to Parkinson’s Disease, he collaborates with national (LIMPE, AIP) and international institutions (Parkinson Foundation Miami -USA, Parkinson’s Disease Society of England, Healthy Ministry of Singapore, Michael J. Fox Foundation) and with the most important scientific journals in the field.

He is the creator of an intensive, multidisciplinary cognitive-motor rehabilitation approach for Parkinsonian patients (MIRT), and since 2009 he has been working to initiate the MIRTparkproject®, which envisions the establishment of specialized centers for the treatment of Parkinsonian patients throughout the country.

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