is an intensive multidiscliplinary rehabilitation treatment specifically for Parkinson's disease

A growing number of scientific studies highlight the ineffectiveness of medical therapy alone in managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and testify to the importance of rehabilitation treatment in slowing the evolution of motor symptoms.

This brings an immediate improvement in the parkinsonian patient’s quality of life and a reduced need to increase pharmacological dosage. The most prominent motor symptoms for this type of patient are both in the axial part of the body that supports the postural basis for limb movement and transfers in space, and distal such as limb weakness and tremor. The resultant of these clinical manifestations leads to limitation of functional activities and autonomy in ADLs with severe impact on quality of life. The scientific literature indicates the essential characteristics of the specific rehabilitation pathway for parkinsonian patients, which should be aerobic, goal-based, cognitive, intensive, multidisciplinary.

Dr. Giuseppe Frazzitta, a member of the STUDIOERRE staff, designed the MIRT rehabilitation protocol for the Parkinsonian patient, documenting its efficacy through numerous clinical studies, and originated the MIRT Park Project in order to aggregate nationwide physiotherapy centers of excellence for the proper management of the clinical symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

For more details, see here the list of Dr. Frazzitta’s main publications (last 10 years) in support of the MIRT project.


  • Neurologist and Neurorehabilitationist
  • Head and founder MIRT ParkProject srl
  • Head of the Neurorehabilitation Group of the Soc.
  • Neurosciences Hospital (SNO).
  • Advisor of the National Board of Directors (SNO)
  • Collaborator of International Institutions such as the Parkinson Foundation
  • Member of the Italian Neurological Society (SIN)
  • Expert in neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s)
  • Expert in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches


5 days per week
(recommended 3 to 4 weeks)

The 4-week intensive treatment program includes 32 hours of neuromotor activity, 4 hours of speech therapy, 4 hours of neuropsychology, 1 educational meeting with the nutritionist and 1 group meeting with the neurological physician, 1 meeting with the psychologist, and complementary activities such as Nordic Walking and Hiking to enrich the therapeutic proposals and foster socialization among patients, family members, and professionals.


1 week - 3.5 hours per day of individual treatment - repeatable

The 1-week intensive treatment program includes 9 hours of neuromotor activity, 2 hours of speech therapy, 1 hour of neuropsychology, all on an individual basis. Complementary activities already scheduled for the other treatment tracks can be accessed free of charge according to their scheduling (meeting with the psychologist and family members, group meeting with the neurologist, Nordic walking/hiking).


Individual treatment

Individual Treatment has a duration of 60 minutes and is carried out by physical therapists who are experts in the neurological area and specialize in the rehabilitation approach according to the Bobath Concept and is geared toward managing the individual patient’s motor problems for a targeted and tailored intervention.

Gymnasium treatment

Gym treatment involves 60 minutes of training with selected equipment for aerobic activity, balance training and stimulation of motor components at risk in Parkinson’s Disease. The activity is offered in small homogeneous groups (of up to 3 people) under the guidance/supervision of the referring physiotherapist.

Free-body activity in group

In the Free Body Activity in Group, we propose exercises recognized as effective in the management of motor symptoms of the parkinsonian patient such as: training of large movements, exercises for exertion training, coordination exercises (also for complex motor sequences), exercises for balance and training of postural transitions, proprioceptive exercises to refine the sense of position. The activity lasts 60 minutes and is offered in small groups homogeneous by motor skills and therapeutic goals (3 people max). Our staff is certified to apply the LSVT Big protocol.

The speech therapy treatment

Logopedic treatment is aimed at the management of speech and swallowing problems in synergy with the neuromotor and medical project. The focus of treatment is the management of hypokinetic dysphonia, dysphagia/swallowing. Individual treatment aims to assess the specific problem of the individual patient and set up a tailored treatment while group therapy that of facilitating communication, training family members, learning targeted exercises to be practiced independently or with remote supervision (telerehabilitation). The speech therapist and nutritionist work together to identify any dietary difficulties and are available to set up a tailored nutrition plan.

Neuropsychological treatment

Neuropsychological treatment aims to assess neurocognitive disorders that occur in more than 40 percent of cases and to monitor the psychological picture in order to indentify possible complications early, such as overlapping depressive pictures that make the management of the entire clinical picture more difficult. The neuropsychologist/psychologist figures work in close collaboration with the neurological physician as many neuropsychological disorders can present as side effects of drug therapy.

Other services available for individualized treatment plan.
The treatments described may continue in an extensive form between intensive periods in order to maintain the progress gained along with an improved quality of life.



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