Our studio provides a neuropsychology service in the neurological-rehabilitative, medical-legal and psycho-social fields aimed at:

  • the early diagnosis and the treatment of neurocognitive and behavioural dysfunctions related to acquired brain damage (aphasia, apraxia, disturbances of memory, attention, spatial perception….)
  • the analysis and the evaluation of the residual resources of the adult neurological patient for the assessment/design of a suitable programme of family and social re-integration.
  • specific consultation on the cognitive condition of the patient to be shared with the family, the caregivers and the other health workers.

At our studio a neuropsychology specialist deals with the assessment and the rehabilitation of adult patients affected by acquired brain damage, aphasia and cognitive and/or behavioural disorders following the lesion. The management of the patient involves the environment and the people who live with them, including strategies of support to the families. The specialist works together with the physiotherapists to improve the therapeutic results.


Full-spectrum rehabilitation