Nutrition is an important element in the life-style of every person, and due to that it affects several aspects related to health, wellbeing, metabolism, prevention and movement. At Studioerre you can find a Specialized Biologist Nutritionist.

Thanks to clinical and genetic tests the patient and sportsperson’s profile is detected, aimed plans are developed with advice on supplementation, nutrition and life-style.The tools used are:

  • high-precision impedancemetry
  • Bio-impedancemetry (BIA-101 Akern)
  • skinfold thickness measurement or “stratified ultrasound”
  • food anamnesis
  • metabolic holter
  • genetic tests

The Biologist Nutritionist works with the Physiotherapist, with the Doctor, the Psychologist, the fitness trainer and the coach, to get the best results with both amateur and professional athletes.

Full-spectrum rehabilitation