Physiotherapist specialized in Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy Maitland® Concept, MSc Clinical Physiotherapy – Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Major – Curtin University, OMPT

Graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Brescia in 2017.

From 2017 to 2021, she worked as an employee at a rehabilitation clinic in Sarnico and then as a freelancer at a clinic in Brescia. Since 2017, she has trained by attending specialization courses in sports rehabilitation and chronic/persistent pain management.

In 2018 she specialized in Neuro-Muscle-Skeletal Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy according to the Maitland® Concept.

In 2020, she completed her master’s degree by earning the Master of Science (MSc) of Clinical Physiotherapy – Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Major, at Curtin University in Australia.

Since 2021 he has been working at Studioerre Polyclinic, where he treats patients with neuro-musculoskeletal issues and chronic pain.

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