Biologist Nutritionist, NUTRIZONE®

Graduated 2009 in Biological Science at the University of the study in Padua and following at the University of the study in Parma where, he completed his degree in Biomedicine and in 2014 he joined the National Order of Biologists.

In 2013 completed a Master Nutrifor in Nutrition Human supply and in 2015 the Master SIFA (Società Italiana di Fitness Alimentazione) in Advanced Nutrition in Sport.

He researched in the field of cancer diagnosis and management, and a stage at the Spedali Civili di Brescia. He specialized in advanced sport supplementation and innovative and fucntional approach in sport, slimming strategy in special condition like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases and gastrointestinal disfunction.

In 2017 he attended the School in Nutrition and Supplementation in sport (SANIS) in Padua and the Master in Human Nutrition organized by the Scuola di Nutrizione Salernitana (SNS) and he became a professionist of reference.

Dr. Gallizioli is a member of SINut (Società Italiana della Nutraceutica) and SINSeB (Società Italiana di Nutrizione, Sport e Benessere). Dr. Gallizioli receive at Studioerre and he cohoperate in the patient’s management.

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