The Physiotherapy center at Timing is run by StudioErre Sport-Lab, a multidisciplinary team made up of Physiotherapists specialized in musculoskeletal and sport rehabilitation. Studioerre Sport-Lab provides its experience, professionalism and constant growth within the field of prevention and neuro-musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

In particular they deal with the prevention in sportspeople, both amateur and professional, assessing risk factors for potential injuries and considering musculoskeletal, comorbidities, life-style, as well as psycho-emotional aspects.

In collaboration with coach and fitness trainer, activities are set up for the maintenance, for the specific individual aspects related to the return to play, for specific training, for the performance improvement, and for the prevention of recurrencies. The team is made up of international teachers in Manual Therapy (IFOMPT ®) and sports physiotherapy, who deal with postgraduate training for medical doctors and physiotherapists. In addition the team comprises of an orthopedic specialist, sport physician, a psychologist specialized in sport, and a nutritionist.

Full-spectrum rehabilitation