Physiotherapists with international specializations in sports physiotherapy provide a targeted assessment and specific program with Load Management for the professional or amateur athlete’s complete recovery. Problems such as tendonitis, back pain, problems with various body areas (knee, shoulder, ankle and foot, hip, etc) can be treated more quickly, preventing recurrences.


The Pilates method is a training system using floor exercises which draws inspiration from old Asian disciplines. The movement aims to improve function and performance in daily life and sports. It is an integrated approach to dysfunction (such as: back pain, neck pain, post surgical disorders, problems with the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist) by training the entire body.

The principles on which it is based include:

  1. concentration: coordination between mind and body;
  2. movement control;
  3. action of the “power house” muscles: the muscles located in the center of the body (trunk muscles: abdominals, dorsals, pelvic floor and the diaphragm);
  4. fluidity of movement: seeking fluid and harmonious movements;
  5. precision: working intelligently. Rather than harder and faster, more slowly and precisely;
  6. breathing: “breath is the first and last act of a life.”

It is paramount to coordinate breath and physical exercise in harmony.


Gravity Training System (GTS)

The Load Management technique measures, monitors, and manages loads during training. Current knowledge lets us manage recovery more specifically by creating a targeted program to increase physical capabilities and tissue tolerability/loading.

The Gravity Training System (GTS) method reproduces the way in which the body carries out daily physical activities by inducing an optimal functional training experience. The basic principle is the use of force of gravity, exploited to develop very different training programs. The basic principle is the use of gravity, which is exploited to develop various training programs. The GTS involves multiple muscle groups synergistically, stimulating proprioception and the core-muscles, integrating multi-planar movements in an endless range of movement in nearly every exercise with a unique progression which allows an optimal rehabilitative process. The sliding board, with the calibrated increase of the load and the dynamic system of cables for the arms, make this system ideal both for beginners and for professional athletes who need a specific and tailored training.

Full-spectrum rehabilitation